Monday, December 21, 2009

Tours TBA & CD release show update.

We're about to announce a sweet tour with Ambush and Continuance. It will route up to the North East towards New York and work its way down the East Coast to Florida. We're very excited about it. After this tour, there will be many options for our next tour. Nothing set in stone yet, but it will be sweet!

Two nights ago we had our official CD release show in our hometown of Bentonville, AR. Skia and Solace made it happen. We can't thank them enough for their continuous support. Lots of bands, few dollars, and lots of friends! One friend in particular, Ramon, from Michigan, made an impressive bus trip to our CD release show. He's one of the nicest guys we've ever met. It amazes us that someone could be that dedicated. There were some other close friends from Minneapolis that made a hefty drive as well. With that being said, the CD release show was a blast. Thanks to everyone, long drive or not, that came! If you missed it, we're constantly posting new shows on our myspace. Some in TN just confirmed. 

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