Friday, August 28, 2009

The lyrics to the new songs

They're very straight forward. Some people could find them offensive. But we want them to be effective and we all agree that they are. They lyrics explain the confusion every sinner faces and at the same time, connects with the most practical issues every non-believer faces. Here is a preview:

am i going through the motions yet again
or is this how i truely feel inside
or are these words the ones taught to me when i was young
that i digesting without thinking

with the darkness thats all around
it gets so hard to keep believing

they say we're blind
would a god of love
leave a man under a bridge (alone)
or cause a family
to loose a loved one(to a war)
while the corrupt stay home
and profit from death
while praying in pews to bring our boys home

so whats our answer to this question
have we bought in to the greatest lie ever told
i look up into the sky for answers
but come up with only clouds passing

but those clouds that gave me nothing
are what keeps me believing
that voice inside when i look to the sky
that says your not alone

We love you guys very much and appreciate all your support. But most of all, God loves you the most. He wants you bad. We can't wait for this full-length to drop!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Finishing up August

We're just now finishing up vocals on "Atrocities". Nick is giving it his all! We've spent the last two weeks in Minneapolis and loving every minute of it. If you ever come to Minneapolis, you need to go to this pizza place called Mesa Pizza. The addiction we have there is very similar to the addiction we have with In & Out Burger. God is good.